Thank you for considering the GrayBrier for your inpatient therapy needs. Let me assure you our therapy department consistently strives to meet and surpass all of your expectations for patient rehabilitation and recovery. It is our desire to maximize the quality of life for our short-term and long-term residents by maximizing outcomes and functional capabilities. Every resident who can benefit from appropriate therapy will be given our attention and the opportunity to maximize functional potentials. GrayBrier inpatient therapy professionals take a holistic approach to all patient needs. We specialize in tailoring treatments to a wide variety of diagnosis and individuals. We look forward to offering the support and care needed to provide optimal independence to all your clientele.

Upon admission to the GrayBrier Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, our team of professionals will assess each resident's needs, and develop an appropriate plan of care to ensure that each resident functions at the highest possible level. To assist with patients' needs and physician orders the GrayBrier provides three types of therapy.


Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy professionals assist residents with:

  • Mobility: Increasing the ability to ambulate and/or use wheelchair propulsion; improving skills to enable residents to achieve maximum independence.
  • Balance: Improving resident's balance to enhance safety of transfers and/or ambulation activities.
  • Positioning: Assessing lower extremity needs for orthotic devices to prevent contractures or improve mobility; wheelchair positioning for restraint reduction.
  • Lower Extremity Function: Improving resident's range of motion, increasing strength through progressive resistance exercises or muscle re-education.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy professionals assist residents with:

  • Activities of Daily Living: Increasing residents' independence in self-feeding, dressing, bathing, and hygiene by learning new or compensatory techniques with or without adaptive equipment.
  • Functional Transfers: Improving transfer skills from wheelchair, walker, or cane level to toilet, bed, tub, and shower.
  • Upper Extremity Function: Improving resident's active range of motion, dexterity and coordination; muscle re-education for partial paralysis.

Speech Pathology

Our speech language pathology professionals assist residents with:

  • Speech/Voice: Improving residents' slurred speech, hoarseness and nasality.
  • Language: Improving residents' abilities to understand others and express themselves verbally, in writing, and gesturing.
  • Hearing: Improving residents' abilities to adapt to a hearing loss and better understand others.
  • Cognitive Linguistics: Improving cognitive skills to reduce confusion and disorientation; improving impaired problem solving and reasoning skills.
  • Swallowing: Improving residents' abilities to swallow and minimize choking; assist with poor tongue and lip movement and refusal to eat.

Out-patient Rehabilitation Therapy

Our therapy services are not limited to that of an inpatient rehabilitation stay. The GrayBrier offers outpatient rehabilitation services including: physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Sports injuries, chronic pain, orthopedic challenges, a stroke, are all areas in which our therapy team can assist you in returning to a desired state of functioning. Through an intensive treatment plan, the therapy team at The GrayBrier will help you to meet your desired performance goal.  What makes you appropriate for outpatient rehabilitation at The GrayBrier?

  • Orthopedic disorders
  • Post surgical cases
  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Arthritis
  • Impaired balance disorders
  • Back pain
  • chronic pain

Questions about how to make The GrayBrier your therapy center?

Contact our admissions coordinator at (336) 431-8888.